Getting Things Started

Hi everyone!  Things here are getting ramped up for our brand new album Mile Marker Zero to be released at the end of June!  We're all very excited about the future of MMZ and are working hard towards perfecting our live show so that all of you who come out and see us leave with your jaws on the floor!  I personally just purchased a brand new PRS Custom 22 guitar, which I'm really wishing I had for the recording of the album.  You'll see it in action when you come see us live! We're sounding tighter than ever, and we're more driven than ever.  Our hope is that everyone who buys the album is treated to an experience they've never had before.  We've really stepped up our game, with songs like "Peril Aerial" , "Laceration", and "The Reaping Tide" diving into topics and moods that we've never achieved before.

Get ready for the ride of your life.  MMZ 2009!

- 2e