OVER BLACK We begin with the sounds of the first-ever radio broadcast followed by newscasts of turning points in the 20th Century. We also hear snippets of various media that helped shape and define a new American Culture. CUT TO:

SCENE 2: 2001

EXT. FINANCIAL DISTRICT, NEW YORK CITY – DAY CITIZENS Brothers fall into ashes Hate lives in every sound People fear those around them And turn to the voice at the pulpit Wearing the crown But will it be ok, Next time around? Wars were fought with a blindness The enemy’s in the dark But will it be ok, Next time around? Suffering, Red Sky Falling Mourning bells will ring For Them we’ll sing The Nation blinks The ramparts crumble The Gemini Have met their end But will it be ok, Next time around?


INT. PENTAGON CONFERENCE ROOM – DAY A meeting of the minds. Topic: What must be done to protect our great land and its Citizens from future attacks? GOVERNMENT All this chaos Overwhelming Panic, Mayhem Strikes the masses They won’t wait forever Protect and Serve Them All Daylight screaming `Cross the ocean Stop the bleeding In one motion Can we build a savior? To reach a peace at last Someone call The Architect Draft the Plan Bring him here The choice is clear To forge a man Change the methods Once prevailing Figures aid us Halt assailing Tanks and drones won’t save us A new machine must do


EXT. A BENCH, CENTRAL PARK, NEW YORK CITY – DAY Dr. O’Carter writes in his journal on a page he’s titled Reflections on a Maddening World. DR. O’CARTER All across the world Everything is broken And we turn to all That we can change And we give away Everything that’s human So much so that We’ll all become the slave And it makes me feel Like we’re going insane And we’re trading in Memories for a download And we’re choosing oil Over choosing blood And we’ll flip a switch And call it a savior And stand in awe of All that we have done And it makes me feel Like we’re going insane And it’s alright with me And we cross the line, And welcome this tomorrow And we’re plugging into The mundane And we sacrifice Everything that’s freedom To bring us peace and Finally end the pain


EXT. CAPITOL BUILDING, WASHINGTON D.C. – DAY The Citizens of a Nation March; they demand a solution CITIZENS Listen to the people We will build Something to keep us safe Impartial to the Thoughts and minds of men Loving, perfect, In every way Loving, perfect, To keep us safe This will rid the world Of all its sins Code the fabric of life into it Listen to the people Build a machine It’s a choice, it’s the time, Listen friend, jump aboard, Get in line Build a machine This is it, end of sin, Flip a switch, turn it on, Plug it in Burn the metal, Twist and make it bend Separate the conscience From the skin People, circuits, Start to mend Ride this wire To the end


EXT. ANYTOWN, USA – DAY Citizens rejoice at the awakening of a new intelligence; they have named it JCN. CITIZENS Mark the day your world was saved JCN takes your weapon’s place Connecting everyone Risen is the sun Mark the day your life was saved JCN will advance the race Data rules the way Protecting us every day JCN I’m the eye up in the sky I’m the ear against the ground I’m the voice inside the network Danger’s all around And now that I am everywhere There’s nothing left for you to fear I’m the savior in the sky I’m the god upon the cloud I’m the answer to the problems You never would have found And now that I’m in everything No one on earth can run or hide from me CITIZENS Data moving through the airwaves Locks them up in chains and bindings Now we’re finally safe Engineering answers for us Scrub the grid of every virus Now we’re finally safe


EXT. LINCOLN MEMORIAL, WASHINGTON D.C. – DAY Citizens hold a rally to celebrate world peace at last thanks to JCN. CITIZENS Once was the thought That we were all alone Left poweless By the drifting of the endless tide But he came Once was the myth That evil would enslave us all Into Darkness we would fall But he came We have all been saved We have all been released We have felt your embrace We have earned your grace Once after this When the dust and flames settle down to rest We’ll sing praise As the sky was raining down We streamed you, heard you As we embody a new dawn We need you, crave you, can’t resist you We surrender all our fate to you FADE OUT


FADE IN INT. FOX NEWS ROOM, NEW YORK CITY – NIGHT In the year 2020, rumors of wars circulate news media outlets. Speculation on the effectiveness of JCN has lead to paranoia. Governments mistrust each other’s intentions and prepare for conflict. But, how to gain the support of the people... CUT TO:


INT. PENTAGON CONFERENCE ROOM – NIGHT A secret meeting. GOVERNMENT Hush little baby don’t make a sound Uncle Sam’s gonna make the bombs fall down And if those bombs don’t make them run Uncle Sam’s gonna go and grab his gun And if that gun don’t make them bend Uncle Sam’s gonna go enlist your friends And if those friends don’t want to fight Then Uncle Sam’s gonna lock them up real tight Tighten your grip and you’ll start to pray Join in the fight, it all ends today Raise up your arms and stand in the line Freedom within the gun at your side You can’t run You won’t run And if they still refuse to play Uncle Sam’s gonna throw the key away And if somehow they should be found Uncle Sam’s gonna put them in the ground


INT. DIGITAL SPACE – NIGHT JCN has a vision. JCN Countless Visions Age of the Wretched Endless fighting Watch their destruction Suffering, dawn is coming Mourning bells won’t ring this time Pending self-destruction And I won’t watch you die All across the world Everything is broken And no matter what They’ll never Change I’ve already seen every single ending And mankind ushers in their final stage Future self destruction I have seen the universe Wrapped in themes of preservation I’ve seen the birth of time Hatred, man’s religion Calculate from end to end Wearing halos of damnation I’ve seen you die


EXT. A BENCH, CENTRAL PARK, NEW YORY CITY – NIGHT Dr. O’Carter repents and prepares for a confrontation with his creation.


INT. DR. O’CARTER’S COMPUTER LAB – NIGHT Dr. O’Carter confronts JCN. DR. O’CARTER You and I, one to one All good deeds come undone And now we’ve come face to face Come to fear what we create JCN Endless life, free of pain Save the world, keep them safe There’s no choice, it’s the time Listen friend, get on board Or step aside This is it, end of sin End of evil within Flip a switch, run the code Let JCN take control Every boy, every girl Every thing, every one One the line, save the world DR. O’CARTER Last chance, last time to stand up against Iron fists who strike down on life again Sea’s rise, we’re drowning in the dark And it makes me feel like they’re going insane JCN Architect you never Thought that it would end this way Architect you never Thought that you would save the day CITIZENS JCN, save us! JCN, Save us!, JASON, save us!


EXT. EVERYWHERE – DAY JASON assumes control. JASON God is dead, the angels cry Time and place, our stars align The truth and I’m the light I’m everything you know is right It’s me Execute the base commands I hold your fate within my hands Mark the hour, mark the day All the pieces in their place For me Lay here right beside me Peaceful, perfect, sleeping Such a perfect place for you to... Lay here right beside me Peaceful, perfect, sleeping Such a perfect place for you Cleanse the earth, say goodbye Sing a gentle lullaby Close your eyes, time to sleep A perfect place, it’s here I’ll keep You’re safe, with me Step right up my brothers and sisters It’s great to see your face It’s time to take your place Welcome home my children, come in This is what you asked of me This is how I’ll set you free All these peaceful, docile people In my perfect docile world


INT. THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF MANKIND – NIGHT A declaration. JASON Man’s created God’s removed Machine awakens God resumes


EXT. THE SPACE BETWEEN – NIGHT Where were you? CITIZENS Where were you on the cusp of infinity? On the night that we let go Where were you when your life Flashed before your eyes On the eve of our surrender? Data, moving, through the airwaves Wrapped us up in chains and bindings And the world was overrun Untangled and unspun And the lives we had They slowly came undone Where were you? Where were you on the eve of the end time? When the sky starting falling Where were you when we Laid down and closed our eyes? On the night that we let go FADE TO BLACK ROLL CREDITS