MMZ's New Album & Home on the Web

This album is the culmination of all the work we’ve done over the years. Dave, Tim and I have been playing together since High school, and it’s been amazing listen to our progression, and seeing how far we’ve come. We’ve begun to truly find our sound and refine our songwriting.  This album stands out amongst other modern rock records as something different, with a new twist on a nostalgic sound. It was honor to work at Applehead studios where so many great artists have recorded. Mike and Chris did an amazing job of capturing our live sound into a dynamic powerful record. The album is really diverse showing each side of the band, from intense, layered progressive pieces, to straight ahead rock songs, and even stripped down acoustic sections. “Mile Marker Zero” is the perfect representation of where the band is now and lays a strong foundation that we will continue to build and expand on with future albums.

Thanks so much to Tony for building our brand new internet home. It is truly an innovative, and interactive place where we can interact with our fans, and keep everyone updated with everything going on with the band like never before.