Two Halloween Shows!!

I'm not gonna lie, I like playing dark, creepy music. Always have, always will. I was always drawn to music that has a sinister, moody vibe to it. In MMZ, the sound of the Mellotron has really helped me bring those feelings to the forefront of my sound, using lots of gothic strings and choir. In a great new documentary about the Mellotron entitled "Mellodrama" there's a section featuring Italian Horror directors, and they're use of the Mellotron in many of their soundtracks. Italians don't fool around when it comes to horror... or Pasta

This October, we'll be able to treat both our Connecticut and NYC audiences with Halloween shows on October 29th and 30th. On the 29th, we'll be back at the Heirloom Arts Theater for a full blown multi-media experience, which will definitely give you the total Halloween feel. Since Opeth won't be on tour this fall, make sure you make it down to one of these shows.