The Fall

Up Next For MMZ... We're all working hard towards getting things moving for the fall, and there's no time like the present to get stuff done!  We're all working as a unit, and I'm so psyched about all the new material that we have to work with.

Soon I think we'll have to put our noses to the grindstone and really make the next material that we write even deeper and more challenging and more epic than ever before!  I'm particularly excited about one of the new ideas that Mark brought to the table recently.  Great work bro!

Lining up a tour for the fall has its challenges, but I'm confident that the people that are working in tandem with us will make something really cool and unique happen.  I'm just happy to go out and perform our music for people who have never heard us play before!  I always look forward to playing Crimson Red live, like we did this past weekend in Hartford and in Waterbury.  The great part about a song like that is that it is never exactly the same twice!

For those not familiar with Crimson Red, I have a long improvised solo in the middle (think La Villa Strangiato for all you Rush fans) and then the section immediately after is an "anything goes" atmospheric section with everyone improvising the texture as they see fit.  This is one of the great things about our band.  You can see us play the exact same song live 6 times, and every time there's something new to appreciate!

More to come from the MMZ camp soon!

- John