The Beginning of the Beginning…

So we’ve got new everything it seems… new website, new CD, new logo, new tunes, new pics, new team of people we’re working with, and a new excitement about everything, with the same old group of guys I’ve had the pleasure of working with for years.  We’re all really psyched for the potential of what’s to come in the next months and years.  I can honestly say that I’ve never been more excited for what could happen, and we’ve been playing for… a while, to say the least. The last few shows we’ve played have been great, taking over rooms at the Webster and Heirloom and getting some killin’ bands to play along with us.  It’s gratifying to know that MMZ can pull off organizing an entire show front to back, have a great turnout, and then we can just sit back and rock!

I’m excited for everyone to hear the new tunes as well, as they’ve already started to infiltrate our recent set lists.  There’s nothing like playing new tunes, especially live, and once they new record is released and you get more familiar with them, you can rock out just as hard with me at the shows!  Until then, enjoy the new site and keep a lookout for more new MMZ stuff along the way.

- Ryk