Summer 2010

It's been three years since we've played at Toad's Place and it was great to be back on the stage of the famous New Haven club. It's pretty cool walking through the halls downstairs and seeing the names of all the artists who've played there along with photos all over the walls of The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, James Taylor, U2..... Though we didn't go on until 11:30, our fans were so supportive, going nuts, headbanging and getting right up to the stage. We played two of our newest songs, Cemetery Road and Rhythm Child, that we've been demoing at Horizon Studios in West Haven.

We're looking forward to the release of Laceration as the next song on Rock Band. We promise that this one will be harder...though not as hard as some of the other ones coming...=)

Looking forward to seeing everyone at The Space!

- Mark