Its Finally Here, EVERYTHING!!!

Solitary Tree
Solitary Tree

The past few months have been long ones for us in the band. It's AMAZING to see the recording of the new material and design of our new album and logos, website construction, photo shoots and behind the scenes work finally starting to surface!! I write this tonight, while in my room listening to the edits we are making of some of the tunes for our TV performance, shooting on June 26th. I feel that it is time for me to give everyone a crash course in MMZ 2009 to date. I have a ton of things I want to share so lets get started.


First Up - The New Self-Titled Album

Many people may be asking why we are using this title for our record. We have been a band for a few years now but only within the past 8 months have I truly felt we are coming together. I finally feel the 5 guys in this band are clicking both in live performance, song writing and buisness workings or the group.  This album is the true launch of Mile Marker Zero. It is only fitting to have the album be self-titled.

The recording process was an amazing one for us. Working with Mike Birnbaum and Chris Bittner at Applehead was awesome. Both those guys are true professionals and it was a ton of fun recording there as well as mixing with them.

We were lucky enough to tag team these recordings with the guys at Telefunkin. Alan and Joe not only did an amazing job, they really helped us above and beyond expectation.  This album is full of tracks that mean a lot to myself and the rest of MMZ, and the team behind the recording helped bring it to life.  There's a lot of personal connection to the music on the disk and it's raw sound is full of honesty. I love it.


Second - The New Website

This site is KILLER! It looks and feels great and has a very interactive plan to it. I can not wait until some of the features are fully launched for you to all see. Tony is an AMAZING graphic designer, web wizard and great friend. Kudos to him for drawing up something high tech, yet simple and elegant. These are qualities that fit MMZ perfectly! This new site will be the hub for all the MMZ news and tour information in the coming future. It will be the source for MMZ videos/photos and blogs. It will also be our medium to keep in touch and communicate with all of our fans and friends.  BOOKMARK THIS BABY!


Third - The MMZ Team

We in Mile Marker Zero have been lucky enough in the past months to garner some relationships that have really made our lives easier, more professional, more rewarding and more fun.  First I want to say thanks to Paul for all he has done and is doing to help guide 5 musicians through the industry. This band has become a well-oiled machine thanks to his supervision. We are also working with our new publicist BMM - Big Machine Media, out of NYC. Their credits speak for themselves and working with them so far in 2009 has shown me how powerful the media is. You guys are AWESOME!

All photography for MMZ's press and website was done by Kristine Larsen. Kristine is a true professional and made MMZ feel comfortable behind the lens, the photos look epic. As you can see on the website they came out great. The album artwork for "Mile Marker Zero" was created by Jeff Chenault, who's credits include everyone from Nickleback to Wu-Tang to Stabbing Westward.  The art is very reflective of the music on the album and has great depth and meaning  to it. The logo, website and cyberspace work for MMZ is being led by Tony Baldascino, who has worked in the corporate sector as well as for acts such as Aubrey O'Day of Danity Kane. The branding and imagery for MMZ looks solid and fresh thanks to Tony's guidance and professional touch and the website is interactive and slick.


Lastly - A Personal Note & Many Thanks

I have been playing music in and out of Connecticut for years now in various groups. I have been lucky enough to tour the country and play with some amazing people. Yet through all these groups and tours I believed in Mile Marker Zero and have stuck it out. For myself, the album release and launch of this band is a personal achievement for me.  Working so hard for so many years and I feel like we actually have something going now. Its exciting! All I can say YESSSSSS!! And thank you to all!


Thank You To...

All of my friends for putting up with my freaking out about deadlines and piles of work to do. To my girlfriend for understanding when I have "buisness" calls to take even though we might be watching a movie together. To those who asked me to hang out within the past three months for understanding why Im not up for partying after being up the night before working graphics with Tim. To my parents for their love and support in getting this band off the ground and running. To my band mates for believing in the project and trusting the project as we have.  To the MMZ team for believing in a young band and what they have to say as musicians and people, To the CT music scene for the opportunity to get out there spread the word.

Lastly to all the fans and friends of MMZ who come out to shows and keep reminding us why we are doing this. To all of you I say thank you, and look forward to a big 2009 for MMZ!

Love you all - Dave Alley