Opening for Fair To Midland, Periphery, Scale The Summit on Apr. 1st!

Yesterday we were able to confirm that we will indeed be on the bill at the Webster Underground on April 1st in Hartford, CT.

We're all really stoked about this show, especially me! Since Doug got me into Periphery back in October, I've been listening to these guys non-stop. I'm really looking forward to sharing the stage with them as well as Scale The Summit, who John and I saw back on the 2009 Progressive Nation Tour. To be honest, I'm not too familiar with Fair To Midland, but I'm gonna be checking them out this weekend.

Hope you'll join us for this amazing show. Drop us a line at for tickets.

Two Halloween Shows!!

I'm not gonna lie, I like playing dark, creepy music. Always have, always will. I was always drawn to music that has a sinister, moody vibe to it. In MMZ, the sound of the Mellotron has really helped me bring those feelings to the forefront of my sound, using lots of gothic strings and choir. In a great new documentary about the Mellotron entitled "Mellodrama" there's a section featuring Italian Horror directors, and they're use of the Mellotron in many of their soundtracks. Italians don't fool around when it comes to horror... or Pasta

This October, we'll be able to treat both our Connecticut and NYC audiences with Halloween shows on October 29th and 30th. On the 29th, we'll be back at the Heirloom Arts Theater for a full blown multi-media experience, which will definitely give you the total Halloween feel. Since Opeth won't be on tour this fall, make sure you make it down to one of these shows.

Summer 2010

It's been three years since we've played at Toad's Place and it was great to be back on the stage of the famous New Haven club. It's pretty cool walking through the halls downstairs and seeing the names of all the artists who've played there along with photos all over the walls of The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, James Taylor, U2..... Though we didn't go on until 11:30, our fans were so supportive, going nuts, headbanging and getting right up to the stage. We played two of our newest songs, Cemetery Road and Rhythm Child, that we've been demoing at Horizon Studios in West Haven.

We're looking forward to the release of Laceration as the next song on Rock Band. We promise that this one will be harder...though not as hard as some of the other ones coming...=)

Looking forward to seeing everyone at The Space!

- Mark

MMZ in NYC Nov 13!

We're all really psyched to get back to NYC for a very special gig this upcoming week at the cool venue Ace of Clubs in the Village. We recently played a great showcase at the CMJ festival a few weeks back, and off the buzz from that gig, we decided to get back to Manhattan ASAP! Not only will we be playing songs from our new full length disc Mile Marker Zero (which you can buy at iTunes, Amazon, or right here in our website store) but maybe you'll hear something off of 2006's The Haunted (also on iTunes & Amazon) and possibly some other "fan favorites".

This is going to be a very fun show and it starts next Thursday November 13th at 6:30 pm. Lots of great bands, lots of great fun, and some special giveaways!

Follow us on Twitter / Facebook for updates.

Hope to see you there! John